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What is the benefit of LinkProfit?

Your own system, runs on your own domain name
It is dynamic - gives the option for registered uses to edit target link any time
Free or paid - gives you options to have more leads or more money
Every user becomes your lead and can buy your affiliated products
Every user will promote your website and attract another users
You can set your own prices for nice links or provide them for free
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LinkProfit Web Application

Linkprofit is the only complete link shorteners solution on the market offering wide scale of features and available for extremely reasonable prices. LinkProfit is rule changer and link-shortener business will never be the same as before...

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Smart site administration

Simple instalation like WordPress
Fully customizable logo, buttons and background
Control all Menu buttons
Paypal incorporated - no need to make difficult set-ups
Google reCaptcha included to avoid spamming
Set up prices for shortlink depending on number of characters
Can see names and Emails of your customers


Can generate short link withoutt registration
Should register it they want to change target link later
Can edit short link to get memorable word
Can add the note to each shortlink
Can group shortlinks into the projects
Can see the click statistics

Registered users

View all statistics
Can change the Target link
Can create group of shortlinks
Group similar links for better search
Can sort links according to many criteria
Can delete unused links

Language version

You can change English version to whichever language you need. This will help you to fill the niche of users, which don´t speak English.

Setup prices

You can individually setup prices for nice links depending on number of characters or provide them for free.

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Radu Hahainu

"LinkProfit is a fantastic tool that's guaranteed to help you make easy commissions with zero stress. Its price makes it a "no-brainer" in my book - clear highly recommended, especially for beginner marketers or for more experienced ones looking to add an extra revenue source."

Celeste Marshall

"I am really ignorant of all marketing activities except Twitter. Here I often use shortlinks and, but I never thought, that I could edit shortlink. LinkProfit is excellent idea and I can have my links always under control. And the price, less than 1 dinner. How they do it?"

Patrick Young

"For a long time I wanted to start my own business on earning on the Internet and have my own web service. I planned to invest hundreds of dollars to developers company, but I found LinkProfit. It is incredibly simple and gives me big opportunity to change my future."

Tony Sherwood (Woody)

"I am financial consultant and have my own business. I bought Linkprofit for just a fun, but I like it. Now I send all links from my link-shortener and when I am asked, why I use unknown shortener I always answer, that it is my own system. Since I want to have a control over all shared links in case I send confidential information, I am sure, that no-one (mean service provider stuff) can access it."


I’m 100% confident that you will love saving tons of time by using our LinkProfit. But, if you do not love it for any reason, we are offering you a full 30-days, no questions asked money-back guarantee!
You don’t even have to give me a reason to get your money back. Literally ALL the risk is on me. And why offer 30 days money back guarantee? Because we are adding new features and tons of new slides and want to give you a chance to test it.